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we grow vines with care
because from them we gather
the elements that compose wine.
In the same way we look after
people and the relationships
between us and our customers, our friends:
because wine is, and it has been always,
a mean to sharing and staying together.

immagine stajnbech

A long time ago, in these lands
they were considered
lower than the red ones,
now, due to the refinements
of wine-producing processes
they are the main representatives
of Lison Pramaggiore's DOC.

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immagine stajnbech

Thanks to wines like
Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso,
a local vine variety,
or the rediscovery of Malbech,
the Doc Lison Pramaggiore region
could become one of the best
producer of excellent
Veneto wines.

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