We work
to safeguard the land.

Integrated pest control meets both the needs of Nature and our own. A rational agreement between crops, expertise and experience.

SQNPI - Qualità sostenibile

We believe in sustainable agriculture,
which can protect and enhance
our vineyards.

If our words
are not enough,
we let nature speak.

The agronomic techniques we use are guaranteed by a protocol that protects environmental sustainability: we can therefore reduce our carbon footprint, safeguard biodiversity and obtain the quality we want for our wines.

Natural growing methods
Compliance with SQNPI protocols
Minimum use of synthetic products

If we want to maximize
the benefits of IPM,
we can’t limit
our attention to
the sole vineyard

To make integrated pest management a choice with a real impact, our attention cannot be limited to vineyards. The sustainability we strive towards is also environmental, economic and social. That’s why we sometimes have to make choices that go against the flow, such as preferring bottles with a lighter weight and texture.

Reduced environmental impact of packaging
Authentic, quality supply chain.

From a small
family to an
extended family.

We like customers and suppliers to feel at home and part of a big family that embraces all our partners and loyal supporters. We found that same warmth when we joined FIVI, the Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers: we share the same philospohy not just when it comes to wine’s quality and authenticity, but also about winemaking and work throughout the entire supply chain.

Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti

We cultivate harmonies
at Borgo Stajnbech.