Silver and Gold: Borgo Stajnbech wines winning Rome

The Selezione del Sindaco (the Mayor's Selection) is a prestigious contest awarding the oenologic excellences amongst the Italian municipalities. Every year, the mayor of Rome rewards those producers who stood out for the quality of their wines, together with an exponent of the municipality where the company is located.

We've received many praises at this competition throug the years, but 2014 edition will be memorable: in fact, two of our most representative wines have been awarded with a medal!

Our BOSCO DELLA DONNA gets back to the first place and gains a GOLD MEDAL, while our 150 LISON CLASSICO DOCG has also reached a very important result, winning a prestigious SILVER MEDAL.

Such an outcome is very significant for us, and not just because of the satisfaction that any success brings with. In fact, these contests are most of all an important quality test.

Receiveing constant or increasing scores for differen vintages of the same wine is an influential confirmation of our ability to mantain a high quality standard and guarantee for our clients on the goodness of our products.

This is one of the reasons why we believe that it's important to keep who loves our wines informed about the result of the contests we take part to - together with the pleasure of sharing the joy of these moments!

And besides these little news space...which way is more pleasant, to share a joyful event, than a glass of good wine?

Adriana and Giuliano