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Le ultime da Borgo Stajnbech:

Lison Classico Borgo Stajnbech is now DOCG! | 15.03.2011


The wine which is the "symbol" of our land, Lison Classico, has recently been raised to DOCG, Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed. Tocai Italico is documented in Veneto since 1771 and has been recently identified in Sauvignonasse, an old French strain, finally dissolving the node of an alleged relationship with Hungarian Tokaji. The wine has a pale straw yellow, sometimes greenish to golden, dry and cool, with a typical hint of almond.

The Lison Classico Borgo Stajnbech, a splendid representative of this noble variety, it's waiting for you at the cellar
 for an unforgettable tasting!

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