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Mundus Vini Silver

Silver Medal for Sauvignon Bosco della Donna at MundusVini international competition | 27.08.2011

Sauvignon Bosco della Donna 2010 won a prestigious Silver Medal at MundusVini international competition, one of the top oenological competitions in the world. MundusVini takes place every year in Neustdadt, Germany, and is very selective (only 30% of wineries can win a medal!). 

Vinitaly tour 2011

Important success abroad for Borgo Stajnbech wines | 26.08.2011

Borgo Stajnbech wines are now present in many foreign countries: Pennsylvania and Delaware in the USA; Denmark, Belgium and now also Switzerland in Europe. It means that they are more and more appreciated by the international public of wine lovers.

Mulino di Belfiore

Borgo Stajnbech wines accompany your summer | 25.08.2011

On Thursday 25th August, 8 p.m. 

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