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Hotel Rome Cavalieri

Two important tasting events: AIS ROMA & AIS MILANO, on April 2012 | 01.04.2012

Our winery will take part to two important tasting events, organised by Consorzio Vini Venezia in co-operation with AIS ROMA and AIS MILANO: 

Il Veneto al 300x100

Our important next events: IL VENETO AL 300x100 and PROWEIN | 01.02.2012

On March we always have a lot of important national and international meetings. 

Testata Bibenda

BIBENDA speaks about Sauvignon Bosco della Donna, page 127, December 2011 | 31.01.2012

The journalist Alessandro Brizi chooses, for its special that every month speaks about the best of Italian oenology, our Sauvignon Bosco della Donna Borgo Stajnbech. You can find it at page 127 of BIBENDA, December 2011, the famous Rome Sommelier Association magazine.

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