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"Giovini Veneziani", on Sunday 13rd October, Pramaggiore | 04.10.2013

On Sunday 13rd October 2013, during the "Festival of piopparello", young wine producers, wine makers and enologists will organize the first edition of "Degusta Giovine" (Mostra Nazionale Vini di Pramaggiore). 

Vendemmia 2013

2013 harvest: "A good year" | 20.09.2013

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Borgo Stajnbech is the official partner of SOTTOTONI, 24th August 2013 | 09.08.2013

On Saturday 24th August, at 9 p.m., Concordia Sagittaria organizes the final evening of SOTTOTONI musical competition: 10 artists selected from every part of Italy. This event is sponsored by Borgo Stajnbech winery. 

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