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Borgo Stajnbech is the official partner of SOTTOTONI, 24th August 2013 | 09.08.2013

On Saturday 24th August, at 9 p.m., Concordia Sagittaria organizes the final evening of SOTTOTONI musical competition: 10 artists selected from every part of Italy. This event is sponsored by Borgo Stajnbech winery. 

150 Lison Classicolow3

A new prize assigned to the 150 Lison Classico by Consorzio Vini Venezia | 07.06.2013

Portogruaro, May 2013: "and the winner is" Lison Classico DOCG 150 Borgo Stajnbech

La Selezione del Sindaco logo

Silver Medal for Sauvignon Bosco della Donna at the Selezione del Sindaco 2013 | 06.06.2013

SILVER MEDAL for Sauvignon Bosco della Donna at the XII° edition of "Selezione del Sindaco" International Competition. Award ceremony in Rome, Sala della Promoteca - Campidoglio, 9th July, at the presence of Major Ignazio Marino. 

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