Three medals at Berliner Wine Trophy

After London and Rome, also Berlin praised our quality with three medals. In fact, the 2015 edition of Berliner Wine Trophy has awarded both our Merlot and our Refosco a Gold Medal, while our Pinot Grigio received a Silver Medal.

We're particularly enthusiastic of sharing this result with you, and not just because three medals are a great score.
First of all, winning a Gold Medal with an autochtonous grape, like Refosco, is always a source of pride for a wine area. And when the awarded wine is a red one coming from a land of white...the satisfaction redoubles!
Moreover, these medals are a praise to "everyday" wines, which are often unjustly underrated. Merlot, Pinot Girgio and Refosco, that we're used to uncork during our everyday meals, are small jewels whose excellence is often urecognized.

Berliner Wine Trophy reminds us to evaluate true quality not just on Grand Crù, but also (and most of all) on what we drink every day. 

See you soon to have a toast with our newly-awarded wines!
Adriana and Giuliano