One golden Lison: our 150's triumph in Berlin

Our fist time at the Berliner Wine Trophy has been a success: GOLD MEDAL FOR OUR 150 LISON CLASSICO DOCG, whose quality has been praised once more in an important international contest.

In particular, the Berliner Wine Trophy is famous for awarding just a limited number of samples (about the 30% of the 7200 wines taking part to the competition): these extremely strict parameters of selection grant very high quality standards of the prize winner wines.

Receiving a medal in such a prestigious contest with the most typical of the wines of our area is a double reason of joy for us, because it's both a confirmation of our quality and a praise to the great potential of the Lison - Pramaggiore appellation area.

We hope this success to be part of a wider recognition of the value of our land. For sure, we take it as an encouragement to keep on working our way with confidence and optimism, granting our customers the quality they know and love!

Adriana and Giuliano