Gold medal for our Bosco della donna Sauvignon at "La Sezione del Sindaco 2016"

The international competition “Selezione del Sindaco” praised Borgo Stajnbech also in 2016. In fact, our Bosco della Donna Sauvignon has been awarded a new prestigious gold medal, which joins the long list of prizes won by this wine.

This medal is particularly important, for two reasons. First of all, a gold medal is obviously the highest prize you can get in a contest. In the second instance, by winning different editions of the same competition a wine company confirms its ability to keep excellent quality standards through the years. 

Our Bosco della Donna Sauvignon has already collected a number of medals in all the most relevant competitions, both in Italy and abroad. Nevertheless, the most important confirmation of our quality is - as we always said! - the loyalty of our clients, who keep on asking for our delicious Sauvignon vintage after vintage....

Looking forward to toast with you to celebrate this new success!
Adriana e Giuliano