Cantine Aperte 2014: #winestory...stories of wine, taste, readings

The most awaited Sunday of the year for wine lovers is approaching: on May 25thCantine Aperte ("Open Wineries") is coming back!

Cantine Aperte is an important event, involving every year many of the most prestigius wineries in Italy. On the last Sunday of May, all the companies which gather under the italian Movement for Wine Tourism (Movimento Turismo del Vino) keep their doors open to welcome all those people who want to celebrate together the joy of good wine. It's a very special day, that we like to turn in a great party for friends, customers and for all the people who come in visit to share some time with us.

This year, we've been given a theme to follow: #Winestory, which stands for stories of wine, wineries, work, people and friendship.

For this occasion, our very special storytellers will be:

- Our dear friends Gigi and Orazio, a wonderful chef and an expert oenologist respectively, who will guide our guests in a unique encounter betweend a cooking and a tasting class
- The "Persone Libro" (Book-People), an amazing group of book lovers who go from event to event to spread the pleasure of the greatest pages of the worldwide literature
- The meat artist Billy Mio, with his tasty dishes available for everybody
- All of our little guests, who will be entertained by a "magic castle" and an even more magic break in the vineyard

...and of course everyone who will give us the pleasure to weave a part of his story together with our one...

Looking forward to share this beautiful day with our friends!!

Adriana and Giuliano