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"Today as in my very beginning, a great attitude for research and the wish to try out..."

Giuliano Valent

"Taking care of the company's communication it's a challenge I accepted with passion and enthusiasm."

Adriana Marinatto

The Valent Family

“BORGO STAJNBECH” is a small, young and dynamic company located in the Lison-Pramaggiore area and it is now taking its first steps in the international scene. Borgo Stajnbech – from the German “Stejnbach” which means “stream of stones”, now “Belfiore”, used to be an area with a strong viticultural vocation also in the ancient times. Today, in the 13 hectares covered with our small, nice vineyards, we make wine with the passion of those who love their land.

I started working in my father’s cellar, learning the secrets of the art of wine making. In 1985, after a period of training and specialization, I decided to open my own winery.
Today I have a great inclination towards research and experimentation, assisted by good collaborators both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Within the company I take care of the general management with great tenacity.

Further to administration, I take care of the company’s public relations and the relationships with friends, customers, public and private institutions and of the export department, new challenge which I’ve accepted with passion and enthusiasm.